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Paloma Góngora

Paloma testing.jpg

Paloma (b.1971 in Madrid, Spain). Descendant of artists: daughter and niece of oil painters , spouse and mom of musicians, composers and an illustrator. Since I was born, I have lived and breathed art. Following my passion, I studied for a diploma in Fashion Design in Madrid, working in the industry for 15 years including my own children clothes brand. I moved to Miami in 2013 where I spent the first 5 years producing a feature documentary titled “Unraveling Athena”, whilst indulging in my furniture up-cycling hobby.  I decided to work at my own pace in something that inspired me every single day: Art.

I aim to ignite my passion quoting  V.Van Gogh "I dream my paint, then I paint my dream".

Perseverance and  determination drives my mission towards recognition and the inspiration of others.

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